Tips for writing a best man speech

Do your research. No speech is enhanced by getting basic facts wrong, regardless of whether that’s about how they prepare and lady of the hour met the names of their separate family individuals or the name of their pooch. Similarly, even the most experienced speakers – in fact, especially the most qualified speakers – guarantee that their speeches are organized. Again, preparation is all. There is no disadvantage in taking a seat well in advance and considering what you’d get a kick out of the chance to say, depending on the ability to ‘wing it’ will rarely work. Compose a draft; refine your selection; at that point run this past a friend whose judgment you value. Finally, when you are happy with the speech, compose it up on flash cards, so you are prepared on the day itself. These three tips can help you figure out how to write a best man speech to its fullest potential.

1) Revolving Around A Central Theme When writing your speech you should think about a message you want to get across. Is it about you and the groom as kids? Is it about how he’s changed and matured? Is it about how you were sceptical when his new girlfriend (now bride) was stealing time from you guys but how you came to realise it was the best thing for the groom.

There are a lot more (and maybe better) ideas for a central message but whatever you choose, have one! It helps to move your speech along and have a focus. Bring everything back to this message in the beginning, middle and end is an excellent way to make sure people get the message you wanted to give.

2) Use Humor With Sincerity You want to knock their socks off, but not leave them wanting to knock you out. For a guy, humour is usually easier than making a direct emotional connection with a group of people; it is for this reason you should make use of jokes to make that connection for you.

When you pick out a movie that kids will watch you probably wouldn’t choose an “R” rated film with lots of explicit languages, sex and violence. Attune your jokes to your audience, make sure it’s something everyone can understand and enjoy. Phrases like “do you remember the time…” and similar such lead-ins are often useful to build a connection with your audience.

3) Confident Delivery Nothing, and in my experience, that’s meant nothing can make up for terrible speech delivery. This is something often overlooked when researching how to write a best man speech, and it can kill even the most amazingly crafted speech.

Practice beforehand and work to make eye contact but not linger for too long, your speech should have a good flow and tempo that is consistent throughout.

If you want to have an impactful speech that entertains and at the same time gives value and is remembered (for the right reasons!), then I strongly suggest a Professional Wedding Speech Guide. There is a separate guide for the bride, groom, best man, maid of honour, father of the bride, and mother of the bride. Each one provides professional speech examples and guidance to help you make a meaningful and memorable speech.

Other Tips To Writing A Best Man Speech.
When you are asked to be best man at a wedding the feeling of honour can quickly give way to feelings of doom as you start to wonder what the role entails and the realization that you have to deliver an amusing, entertaining and inspirational speech dawns on you.

Although best man speeches usually focus on the groom, you must be sure to mention his new wife also. Don’t try to think of a way to write a funny best man speech right off the bat. Prepare yourself first by taking notes.

  1. You should always start by listing things you know about both the bride and the groom.
  2. Add comments about how you know them.
  3. Why were you chosen to be the best man?
  4. How did the bride and groom meet?
  5. Are you married and do you have any advice to give to them?

When you make notes on these five points, you have more than enough information to write a best man wedding speech. Apparently, at the start, you may not feel that way when you look at a page filled with notes and bullet points.

However, that information is invaluable and can be easily incorporated into pre-written best man speeches that have been professionally produced. By using best man speech examples, you can take funny antidotes and customise them with your list of informational points.

This is extremely easy to do and when you prepare your script probably no-one, not even the bride and groom, will be aware that you have used pre-written material. This is because you have tailored it to meet your needs by using dates, examples, names, events etc., from the lives of the groom and bride (and probably a few of the guest also).

Best man speech jokes can also be incorporated into your speech in such a way that they appear to be seamless, a part of the story and even sometimes look ad-libbed.


The above-listed tips for writing a best man speech can help you in writing a man speech. Therefore when writing a best man speech, you have to follow the above tips, and the speech will be perfect.

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