Tips for writing a persuasive political speech

Perhaps, you have listened to most of the speeches former president Barak Obama and the current President Donald Trump have made. But did you know that political speeches are a form of art? You can easily deliver one, but getting it right is the trickiest part. Political or campaign speech writing does not require political expertise and it does not require any experience. You might have realized that some politicians go through an entire term without ever making a notable speech. That is why you need writing tips for political speech.

The ability to deliver great political speeches could be your most important asset. You are likely to make numerous speeches during your campaigns and after taking the office. Regardless of the occasion, you will have to understand the key elements of a good political speech if you want to remain ahead of the other politicians. You will be writing political speeches for your voters.

As a candidate for a political office, you should develop a communication plan. That should not mean that you have to worry about writing hundreds of political speeches for your campaigns. If you are interested in a local office, you are likely to find yourself delivering a speech on the announcement and the election night. Never panic in any of the two events. Here are a few political speech-writing tips for you.

Choose a conversational start

The starting of your political speech will definitely make or break the mood for other parts of the speech. Choose something that you would easily say in a speech. Therefore, avoid grandiose tones or statements at the outset. If the introduction part sounds cheesy, you will possibly be at a risk of losing the interest of your voters. Try to find something natural that holds meaning to your voters. Ensure that the listeners will not get an impression that the speech was a rehearsed piece.

Tap to the audience’s emotional beat

The introduction part of your political speech might sound cheesy, but you can still work to improve it. Include some touching lines after your audience is hooked. Use lines that prompt applause to keep them going. That does not mean that you should create high energy in the whole speech. You should allow room for other moments to let your listeners reflect upon everything you say.

Ensure that your speech suits the voice of your candidate

Most political candidates hate the speechwriting process. That is the key reason speechwriters should know the mannerism of a candidate before they even start writing a speech. Write a speech that will perfectly match their style of delivery. In other words, they should pay closer attention to their tone, regional accent, tenor and minor idiosyncrasies when speaking. When writing the speech for a particular audience, you will have to consider the local colloquialisms.

Include more personal stories in the speech

With stories, you will get people to relate to whatever you are saying. Be ready to tell them about anything that influences you to do whatever you do. Talk about the tough times to prove that you understand the situation of your voters. Properly placed stories would win back your voter’s attention.

Build up the speech as you talk

To develop an effective political speech, you will require a central idea. Start building up towards the idea through statistics and the anecdotes, you share. And because the mind of your audience will be wandering too, you should choose repetitions to enforce your ideas in their minds – if they did not get it on the first time.

Proceed to the main message

A single statement or statistic can act as a good attention grabber. However, you should make the attention grabber your core message. Time the message so that it will match the interest of your audience. And after hooking their attention, move on to the core message. Your message should be concise and related to your campaign theme.

Name the problems and the solutions

Your audience will be aware that the main purpose of delivering a speech is to get their support. To get their votes, you will have to promise that you will improve their lives. Use the speech to make all problems evident before you can propose the solutions. Make the audience see real-world problems. After that, present the solutions.


Most political speechwriters, such as those who write for President Donald Trump, former President Barak Obama, and other White House politicians, have speech-writing formats. With the above speech-writing tips, you are likely to develop a good format and a more persuasive argument on anything your campaign requires.

Start by welcoming people and thanking some members of the audience – keep the story short. Proceed, identify the needs of your audience, and suggest the solutions. Let the audience visualize and allow them to make a decision. That is all you need to deliver a persuasive campaign speech.

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